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Open Mic @ Shillelagh Tavern 1/6/15


Erich Rastetter and I enjoying a set from Terry Edelman of Lost Kingdoms

Another talent filled evening @ The Shil to start off the New Year. I apologize for not getting the blog up earlier, I have been battling the flu all week. I will try to get out some words for this lineup, although I am still mid-delirium. Next open mic is in a few days -hope to see some more people, and possibly new faces!

I started off the night with a few songs:

Carry Me (Original)
I’ve Just Seen a Face (The Beatles)
Uncommon Scents (Original)

“Uncommon Scents” is my newest song, and that night it was debuted. You may have realized that I have not posted any videos of myself performing within these blogs, and the reason is that I want it to be focused on the talent that we showcase. I don’t want it to be about me. I want the energy to be in the art that we are getting out there.

We began the night with a special act; a man named Peter Pan deliver some off the cuff comedy, engaging and interacting with the crowd. He got us nice and warmed up, and ready for more tunes.

The second one up was Thomas, who played a totally different style/set than last week. Last week was a chilled out 90s vibe, but this week was all about the fancy guitar riffs; powerful and loud. I apologize in advance for the camera strap, in an act of noobie brilliance I left it in front of the lens for a spell. Check out some shreddage:

The next act to perform was Michael B. and Ron, who were accompanied on-the-fly by another attendee, Ian. Solid and comforting, the three of them played with a confidence that I enjoyed heavily. Check out some of The Ballad of John and Yoko:

The fourth act came all the way down from the Bronx to grace our stage, and I think it was well worth the trip:). His flow was smooth (for a lack of a better word) and confident – he was every bit the performer. It was the first time I’ve had a hip-hop act, and hope to have many more. For me, being eclectic is the name of the game. I love diversity within my art and entertainment more than anything. Check out Smooth Being of FreakSide:

We were lucky enough to have Rabia Waters once again, and man do these guys keep getting better. I love the groove of their originals. They were awesome the first time I saw them (their first performance ever), and I see great things for them in the future. Their weekly progression speaks volumes on this. Hear ye, hear ye!:

Valerie Gianotti. Trying to think of a way to sum her up, and the word I keep returning to is astonishing. She approached the stage, unassuming and cracking jokes, and proceeded to blow us back with an amazing performance. Her voice is very powerful, and she’s got a great handle on it. Huge range and great breath control. Listen to a clip of a beautiful original here:

With two acts to go, up steps Terry Edelman, of the band Lost Kingdoms. I really connect to his performances. I think it is because his originals seem to have been incubated in a time period sweeping the 90s through today. They are fresh and familiar, and as I have said about him before soft and powerful at the right times. He is a guy who knows what he’s doing. Check out his band @ Lost Kingdoms, and a clip of his performance here:

Our final act of the evening is one of the most energetic performers I’ve seen. He brings it with him to every open mic, performance, etc…He could be playing a park bench or The Garden, and his level of energy would never falter. I am pretty sure that they use his blood as the main ingredient in Red Bull. Watch Rick Rocker and try to keep yourself from getting wings:

Also check out his website, Rickrockermusic.com for more.

These open mics just keep getting better and better. Sorry to the performers for my lack of wordage this week, and that it took so long to post. I am feeling in a decent state of near-death, but wanted to get this out to all of you.

Of course a huge thanks to Christian for providing us with excellent sound, and to Rusty and The Shillelagh Tavern for giving us a chance to display our art.

Keep live music…..alive? 🙂

Light and Harmony

-Owls for Olive

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Holidays, X-Mas, War, Lennon, Ono and Peace


I hope everyone out here had a peaceful holiday season, whatever faith you may follow (even if none). I got a few gifts, gave a few gifts, and saw some family that I hadn’t in a while. Feeling I had still more to give, I decided to record this cover of a song from a man who’s message, words, and inspiration will live on long after we all are gone. Here I give you Happy X-Mas (War is Over), by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. I hope it fills you with the same hope and love I feel when I hear it.

I envision that one day this song will cease to be Christmas specific, and one we will sing in celebration of the fact that there is no more war. Imagine.

Light and harmony

-Owls for Olive

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